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Our independent testing facilities along with our experienced team of production staff enables us to ensure that we are offering the highest quality nutritional formulations to our customers. In addition our state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control standards guarantee that all products will the in strict compliance with government regulations and specifications throughout the process.

Some consumers, many medical professionals and government agencies maintain a degree of skepticism about natural health products, which is why quality is vital to increasing consumer awareness of the wonderful benefits through the use of nutraceuticals.

Scientifically proven, quality products with effective and safe formulas will ensure that customers keep coming back for your line. We offer and maintain the highest quality control standard, recognized by experts and those standards are vital to our continued success in the nutraceuticals industry. Our quality control processes and experienced staff ensure that you receive a product you can sell with high confidence in its efficacy and safety.

CANADIAN HEALTH EMPIRE INC Labs is a leader in formulation, and our state the art equipment and facilities place us at the forefront of the nutraceuticals industry. We utilize the highest quality equipment to ensure that we can offer more efficient service than the competition while keeping your costs down.

We have the experience to work with you to create your custom formulations, or you may wish to choose one of our formulations for your line. We continue to research the latest nutraceuticals products on the market today and license the formulas for your needs. Our complete line of products offers our customers an extensive array of possibilities when creating a new line of products, or formulas to meet your existing market strategy.


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